Welcome to the August store.

Here we will offer to those who wish to contribute to the server a little something in reward.

We deeply appreciate your support towards the maintenance and development of our server. Our store will help us expand our server in ways that would be impossible without the support or right investment. Having this store means we will always guarantee content and frequent updates for you.

All rewards are redeemable in-game instantly upon successful payment with the command ::claimdonations

Any rewards received after claiming with the ::claimdonations command are non-refundable. If you wish to be refunded before claiming, please create a support ticket in our community Discord.

Charged back payments will result in a permanent ban of all of your accounts. No exceptions.

Mystery boxes give you in-game rank upon claiming them with ::claimdonations. To see the contents of them, go to the donator store in-game and examine the boxes in the store.

Donator mystery boxes can only be purchased from this website, and cannot be purchased from the in-game donator store.