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All rewards are redeemable in-game instantly upon successful payment with the command

Awards donator points which increase your rank.
e.g. $20 spent on items will award you with 20 donator points, and the items.
These WILL NOT award donator credits for the in-game store.
Bonds can be traded, or redeemed for:
• donator points which increase your rank
• donator credits which can be spent in the in-game store
e.g. a $20 bond can be redeemed for 20 donator points, and 20 donator credits.
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Any rewards received after claiming with the ::claimdonations command are non-refundable.

If you wish to be refunded before claiming, please create a support ticket in our community Discord.

Charged back payments will result in a permanent ban of all of your accounts. No exceptions.